Split Lip Rayfield - On My Way CD


Split Lip Rayfield's new record On My Way highlights the powerful songwriting talents of banjo innovator Eric Mardis and mandolin renegade Wayne Gottstine, while bassist Jeff Eaton holds it all down with his hand-built one-string Stitchgiver. All of that old-school invention and energy is intact, but their songs keep getting better, and their sound is sneakier and smarter than ever. The same band with the same ideals that they've had for years, SLR is more diverse, sound-wise, than ever been before.

  1. That's My Girl listen
  2. All Alone listen
  3. Drunk and Sad listen
  4. Deck of Many Things listen
  5. On My Way listen
  6. This World listen
  7. Lake listen
  8. I Don't Need a Gun listen
  9. All Fucked Up listen
  10. Used To Know Your Wife listen
  11. Start the Fire listen
  12. Two Eyes Shine listen

Released January 2017

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