Squirrel Nut Zippers - Lost at Sea (live CD)

Our new live record "Lost At Sea" is now free to roam amongst you in your living rooms and places of leisure. "Lost At Sea" heralds in our divined return from the depths. Poseidon could not keep us pinned beneath the waves. The Cyclops could not sequester us in his cave for devouring. Lo, the Sirens of the Night Clubs have led us back home to you. And what a handsome audience you are!

Track List
1. Memphis Exorcism listen
2. Good Enough For Grandad listen
3. It Ain?t You listen
4. Prince Nez listen
5. Put A Lid On It listen
6. Fat Cat Keeps Getting Fatter listen
7. Danny Diamond listen
8. Suits Are picking Up The Bill listen
9. My Drag listen
10. Happens All The Time listen
11. Bad Businessman listen
12. Hell listen
13. Ghost Of Stephen Foster listen
14. You Are My Radio listen
15. Blue Angel listen
16. Do What listen
17. Missing Link Parade listen

Released on 10.27.2009