Super Furry Animals - Love Kraft CD

Their seventh album might just be the definitive SFA release. It's certainly their loveliest and most cohesive, and it's the first SFA album to feature songs written and sung by nearly all the group members. In diversifying, they've found new focus in this full-on psychedelic soul masterpiece. Love Kraft is immense in scope, with more than half of its twelve tracks featuring swooning string arrangements (courtesy of unofficial Furry and sometime High Llama, Sean O'Hagan) as well as the odd appearance from a 100-strong mixed voice Catalan choir. Produced by Mario Caldato (Beastie Boys).

1. Zoom mp3
2. Atomik Lust mp3
3. The Horn mp3
4. Ohio Heat mp3
5. Walk You Home mp3
6. Lazer Beam mp3
7. Frequency mp3
8. Oi Frango mp3
9. Psyclone! mp3
10. Back On a Roll mp3
11. Cloudberries mp3
12. Cabin Fever mp3

Released 9/13/05