Telefon Tel Aviv - Remixes Compiled CD

Joshua Eustis and Charlie Cooper, the duo that make up Telefon Tel Aviv, have released an album of remixes culled from the last seven years - the bands entire lifespan to date. When the levee broke and their hometown of New Orleans virtually washed away by Hurricane Katrina, Telefon Tel Aviv was forced to take inventory of their lives and careers. By compiling their remix output onto one disc, they offer a 50-minute, re-education of Telefon Tel Aviv and simultaneously highlight the sweeping beauty and schizophrenic nature of their music. The end result is a collection of tracks that are disparate as Trent Reznor and Phil Ranelin, but as thick and satisfying as alligator jambalaya in the swamps of Louisiana.

1. Even Deeper - Nine Inch Nails mp3
2. All Around - Bebel Gilberto mp3
3. Medley: Got Me Lost/Driving In LA - John Hughes mp3
4. Komponent - Apparat mp3
5. BBQ Plate - Ammoncontact mp3
6. The Green Green Grass - American Analog Set mp3
7. A Genuine Display - Midwest Product mp3
8. Stolen Moments - Oliver Nelson mp3
9. Time Is Running Out - Phil Ranelin
10. Fading Away - Nitrada
11. Asleep On The Wing - Marc Hellner
12. Knock Me Down Girl - Slicker

Released 5/15/07