The Orange Constant - Time to Go CD


The Orange Constant's confident debut album, Time to Go, engineered by John Keane (R.E.M., Widespread Panic), is a testament to their genre-defying songwriting and musical ability. Loosely classified as an Alternative Jam Rock band, The Orange Constant takes the listener on a journey through the progressive yet catchy compositions on Time to Go. The album caught the attention of Relix, which published the band in the "On the Verge" section of the October 2015 issue. "Laden with connective riffs and melodious charm, much of the album evokes a '70's FM AOR vibe, without appearing self-conscious" -Larson Sutton, Relix Magazine.

Track List:

  1. Emily listen
  2. Good Intention listen
  3. Cannonball listen
  4. So Young, So Old listen
  5. Mask listen
  6. Squid listen
  7. Breeze listen
  8. House of Shutters listen
  9. Southern Snow listen
  10. Ask Me to Jump listen

Released in 2015