The Panda Conspiracy - Road Soda CD

Road Soda is the sound of an erupting mountain of music, the joining of many diverse concepts into one cohesive album.

"Panda Conspiracy makes genre bending sound seamless"- Willamette Week
This album will take you threw the gamut of emotions and will leave you wanting more! From the Grey Smoke plum that is World of Hurt to the dance floor classic Disco Stu, Pandacon will have you bobbing your head, stomping your feet and singing along to tracks like Song for the Sea and Bottle of Wine. This is very much a dynamic break out record for the band and it shows! This has all the horns, harmonies, guitar work and top shelf production you would expect after hearing their first disc. It just sounds more risky, but wouldn't you expect an element of risk with a road soda?

Track List:
1. World of Hurt mp3 sample
2. Winona mp3 sample
3. Development mp3 sample
4. Disco Stu mp3 sample
5. Actual Feeling mp3 sample
6. In the Night mp3 sample
7. How Can I Sleep? mp3 sample
8. Gotta Be Away mp3 sample
9. Born Lucky mp3 sample
10. DJTJ Dub mp3 sample
11. White Lies mp3 sample
12. Song For the Sea mp3 sample
13. Bottle of Wine mp3 sample
14. Horn Ska mp3 sample

Released in 2008