The Polyphonic Spree - The Fragile Army CD

The Polyphonic Spree always wear their feelings on their sleeves. Ditching their familiar cosmic white robes for black military garb, The Polyphonic Spree presented a new look with plenty of their trademark sound, albeit with slight adjustments, on The Fraglie Army. The music is still full of hope and majesty, but there's a sublime undercurrent of psychedelia and foreboding to be found as well. This is an altogether irresistible album with dense production that reveals layers and layers of carefully orchestrated rock music.

1. Section 21 [Together We're Heavy] mp3
2. Section 22 [Running Away] mp3
3. Section 23 [Get Up And Go] mp3
4. Section 24 [The Fragile Army] mp3
5. Section 25 [Younger Yesterday] mp3
6. Section 26 [We Crawl] mp3
7. Section 27 [Mental Cabaret] mp3
8. Section 28 [Guaranteed Nightlite] mp3
9. Section 29 [Light To Follow]
10. Section 30 [Watch Us Explode (Justify)]
11. Section 31 [Overblow Your Nest]
12. Section 32 [The Championship]

Released June 19, 2007