The Recipe - Stir the Pot CD

The current band's solid line-up has been going strong for 3 years and has recently finished up their new CD. The band has a unique sound that hints subtly to it's yesteryears while putting a fresh new foot forward, infusing acoustic and electric guitar and vocals by Joe Prichard, fiddle by Mike Mitchell, saxophone by Jon Banco, thumping bass by Diana Burton, and body-moving drums and percussion from Tom Kirk.

Track List:
1. Momentum listen
2. Every Single Thing listen
3. Diamonds Down the Drain listen
4. Hell With You listen
5. Before It's Gone listen
6. Lonely We Aren't listen
7. Nowhere to Hide listen
8. Broken Hearted Love Song listen
9. Love in the End listen
10. Let Us Be Blessed listen

Release date 08.07.2012