The Royal Noise - This is the Funky Part CD


The Royal Noise's third and most captivating album to date sees a further evolution in this quartet's sounds and sensibilities - delivering deep dancey beats, hypnotic melodies, extended jams and swirling interplay, this Philadelphia-based foursome has settled confidently into a late night funk drenched ethos, touching on elements of artists such as Prince, Parliament Funkadelic, The Motet and Umphrey's McGee.

"This Is The Funky Part continues to illuminate why this Philadelphia band is a part of many conversations critics are having about prestigious young artists... pure mothership connection funk" - Kevin Tshiamala, Home Grown Music Network

"The Royal Noise resuscitates the ghost of funk with their ambitious third record. This Is The Funky Part serves up a splendid mix of rhythmic jazz and beguiling rock and roll licks, with twists of ambiance throughout, imploring listeners to dance their asses off" - Chris Pendergast, Encore Magazine

"Chock full of spellbinding jam sessions, infectious saxophone lines, searing guitar solos and undeniable grooves, This Is The Funky Part takes the listener on an amusement park ride of an album that keeps them guessing at each and every turn." - HEAR Magazine

"This Is The Funky Part is cheeky, sexy, suggestive and sophisticated - she's the sort of seductress that is frankly habit-forming" - Pete Mavrogeorgis, Producer

Track List:

  1. Heavy Tomato listen
  2. Burninator listen
  3. Foster's Flop (live) listen
  4. Bridge Over 53rd listen
  5. B.O.D. listen
  6. Drop that Catfoot (live) listen
  7. Squish listen
  8. Jumbling Towers/Back at the Bakery (live) listen
  9. Spunion listen
  10. Fields Get Greener listen

Release date 05.13.2014