Tim Reynolds & Michael Sokolowski - Soul Pilgrimage CD


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This project is the 29-year follow up to 1992's collection of guitar/piano duets, Common Margins (Breezeway Records 0414). Whereas Common Margins was a direct-to-two-track recording of free improvisations for grand piano and semi-hollowbody jazz guitar, Soul Pilgrimage is the result of a meticulous distance collaboration that occurred over time during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020.

While the atmosphere and emotions these two men conjure up has survived the 29-year gap, Soul Pilgrimage explores deep levels of analog and digital synthesis, and leverages the unique power of amplified electric guitar.

Soul Pilgrimage is a true sonic voyage, navigating the listener through expanses of electronic texture and rhythm, rich and soaring electric guitar tones, insistent melodies, and layered harmonies, while riding waves of analog and digital synthesis and amplified electric guitar. Echoes of Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Ry Cooder, P-Funk, Genesis, Brian Eno, Miles Davis, and countless influences swirl in headphones and lurk in the nooks and crannies of a lush and detailed stereo soundstage.

Tim Reynolds is the longtime acoustic guitar collaborator of Dave Matthews, member of DMB, leader of rock/funk trio, TR3; and prolific solo artist.

Michael Sokolowski is the leader of Sokoband, keyboardist for The Electricians, solo pianist, and recording collaborator with many artists.

Release date 8.25.21