Tim Reynolds & TR3 - From Space and Beyond (2 CDs)

"The best I could ever hope for," is how Tim Reynolds describes TR3's first live double CD "From SPACE and Beyond." Culled from three shows TR3 performed in November 2009-- at SPACE in Evanston, IL, the Recher Theatre in Towson, MD, and the Chameleon Club in Lancaster, PA--FSAB has a classic, live rock album feel. The double CD has a mix of TR3 favorites, two new songs, "I Must be Going Insane" and "Belly of the Beast" which Reynolds first began playing acoustically, but quickly translated it into TR3's electric repertoire, along with a few covers.

Playing together since 2007, with Mick Vaughn on bass and Dan Martier on drums, Reynolds feels that TR3 has solidified into a consistent rock band with wide-ranging influences. "We play songs with a progressive rock feel, but also roots, funk and hard rock tunes. We're pursuing a certain musical feeling, rather than trying to be a genre-specific band," says Reynolds. Reynolds feels that TR3 has been able to progress in a really good way and is amazed that they've come so far given his touring schedule with the Dave Matthews Band over the past few years. "I was really psyched to get into rehearsal and learn a bunch of new songs with Mick and Dan and then back on the road with TR3. We have a real band vibe. It's like every year we play I feel like we get tighter in certain ways and deeper into each other's ways and that makes it more fun." Reynolds feels that "From SPACE and Beyond" is also the product of great mixing from Rob Evans, who also worked on TR3's studio album, "Radiance," and he's more than pleased with the end result. "Initially I was hesitant to use the music from our first gig of the tour (at SPACE) after not playing together for a while, but we ended up using more than 50% of the songs from this gig. There was a lot of built up energy, great stuff from Mick and Dan, and the live interaction caused us to be more spontaneous and looser."

During his breaks from the Dave Matthews Band, Tim Reynolds will continue to tour relentlessly with his electric power trio, TR3. The live double CD also features special guest Jeff Coffin.

Track List:
1. Do You Wanna listen
2. I Must Be Going Insane listen
3. Kabbalah listen
4. Non-Violent Approach listen
5. See You In Your Dreams listen
6. The Wind Just Blew the Door Wide Open listen
7. Cave Man listen
8. Victory Express listen
9. Matte Kudasai listen
10. Mercury Direct listen
11. Uncover the Reason listen
12. Industrial Complex listen

Disc 2
1. Whole Lotta Love listen
2. Indoctrinate listen
3. Get Up (I Feel Like Being a Sex Machine) listen
4. Test of Time listen
5. Meaning to Tell You listen
6. Burning Season listen
7. Belly of the Beast listen
8. Face Off listen
9. Hocus Pocus listen
10. How Many More Times listen

Release date 06.21.2011