Toast - The Mad Science CD

In 2009, after 5 years of preparation and development, Toast's long-anticipated studio album The Mad Science is released. Recorded by Austin's own Grammy-winning triple-platinum engineer, Stuart Sullivan (Sublime, Butthole Surfers, Meat Puppets) and Joey Benjamin.

The album is an experimental journey covering everything from riff-based, jazzy funk to Reggae mixed with politically charged Afro-beat rhythms. Not to mention, the progressive rock doesn't stop short of cleverly written lyrics. The album has something for everyone and offers an exclusive eccentricity that stems from a creative source yet unheard by the public ear. ToasT is James Pate (guitar/vocals), Russell Dobda (keyboards/saxes), John Brown (bass/mandolin), Vincenzo Loechel (percussion/vocals). Guest appearances by Leah Zeger (violin), Tony Alexander (Tenor Sax), and Lea Dobda (Trumpet).

1. Twilight Mischief mp3 sample
2. Tude mp3 sample
3. FroSho mp3 sample
4. The Dub mp3 sample
5. Estudio mp3 sample
6. Jam Sammich mp3 sample
7. Blind Cat mp3 sample
8. Shrinkage mp3 sample
9. Chrome mp3 sample
10. Sunburn mp3 sample
11. Happy New Year mp3 sample
12. The Joker mp3 sample
13. Fiction mp3 sample
14. Doc Marshall mp3 sample