Todd Snider - Live: Return of the Storyteller CD


Live: Return of the Storyteller - his third live album and nineteenth overall - plays like a masterclass by one man with a guitar and a freewheeling imagination. Threading his husky-voiced phrasing through a likable cosmic cowboy manner, he invites you on a tour of tunes humorous ("Big Finish," and the have-meets- have-not "In Between Jobs"), Proustian ("Play a Train Song," "Too Soon To Tell," and the lump-in-the-throat snapshot of John Prine on "Handsome John") and heart-worn ("Like a Force of Nature," "The Very Last Time," "Roman Candles"). As the fifteen-song set unfolds, you can feel a tangible bond building between Snider and his fans.

While the album captures what Snider laughingly calls his "second tour - because I went out on the road in '94 and never went home until the pandemic" - it acts as both a summing up of a thirty-year career and a look ahead.

Big Finish

(Col. Bruce Hampton Ret.)

Turn Me Loose (I'll Never Be The Same)

(East Nashville)

Play A Train Song

(Old Man Shakes Fist At Sky)

Too Soon To Tell

Like A Force Of Nature

(John Prine)

Handsome John

(Hard Luck Love Song)

Just Like Old Times

(Speakneck Speedball)

Roman Candles

The Very Last Time

Sail On, My Friend

(Being Outdoors)

Ballad Of The Devil's Backbone

Alright Guy

(Free Bird)

(Sock Water)

Just Like Overnight

(Alan Greenspan)

In Between Jobs

(Where Will I Go)

Working On A Song

Opening Statement

Release date 09.23.22