Troy Andrews - Jazz Fest 2004 CD

A tremendous young talent (only 17 when this was recorded) fronts a band of precociously gifted young players (15-19 years old). Troy is a gifted song and dance man along with being a searing brass prodigy. Listen here for his audience sing-along on "St. James Infirmary," which features a 2 minute-plus sustained note on the trumpet by Andrews, an even more raucous "Bunny Hop" singalong, and the freakish talent displayed on "Wind It Up," where he plays two horns at the same time. This kid is already famous and he's on his way to legendary.

1. Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans? (3:37) mp3
2. Love (5:53) mp3
3. St. James Infirmary (15:13) mp3
4. Bunny Hop (12:26) mp3
5. Wind It Up (5:20) mp3
6. Slippin' And Trippin' (1:54) mp3