Various Artists - Drum Nation Vol. 2 CD

The first Drum Nation album emerged as a result of Magna Carta Records' Pete Morticelli and his vision. The label head had long observed that an unusual sense of community existed among drummers - a rare breed, to be sure! The first edition of this series explored what some of these drummers would do if given total creative reign. For Volume Two, Pete ventured into the labels vaults and retrieved some of the most stirring performances you've ever heard from indisputably the most influential drummers of our time.

1- Mike Portnoy - Meetings mp3
2- Pat Mastelotto - Toccata mp3
3- Dennis Chambers - One Less Worry mp3
4- Terry Bozzio - The Last Page mp3
5- Clyde Stubblefield - Cosmic Slop mp3
6- Virgil Donati - Space Martini mp3
7- Tim Alexander - My Fellow Astronauts mp3
8- Keith Carlock - Steriods mp3
9- Rod Morgenstein - Herd Instinct mp3
10- Simon Phillips - The Barbarian mp3
11- Josh Freese - Baby-Faced Assassin mp3
12- Anton Fig - Cissy Strut mp3
13- Stanton Moore - Family Affair mp3