Ween - All Request Live CD


All Request Live features tracks performed live, in-studio by Ween and their touring band as part of a web radio broadcast, playing songs selected by fans on the band's message board. Among the tracks performed are all three officially released parts of "The Stallion" (along with the previously unreleased parts four and five), fan-favorites "Awesome Sound" and "Demon Sweat", a slightly expanded version of the drug-addled skit "Pollo Asado", and a nearly six minute long take on the band's infamously rejected Pizza Hut jingle "Where'd the Cheese Go?"

Track List:
1. Happy Colored Marbles
2. Stallion, Pt. 1
3. Stallion, Pt. 2
4. Stallion, Pt. 3
5. Stallion, Pt. 4
6. Stallion, Pt. 5
7. Demon Sweat
8. Cover It with Gas and Set It on Free
9. Awesome Sound
10. Cold Blows the Wind
11. Pollo Asado
12. Reggaejunkiejew
13. Tried and True
14. Mononucleosis
15. Stay Forever
16. Where'd the Cheese Go?
17. Stallion, Pt. 3 [Webcam Footage][*][Multimedia Track]

Release date 06.02.2009