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Indie roots rock band, Yarn, released their new album, Almost Home. Thanks to an online funding platform, and the band's huge fan support, Yarn surpassed their goal, and are now able to super charge their promotions for the new record. Yarn's loyal fan base was integral in the collaboration with avid independent music supporters, Firefly Distilleries.

Yarn's new release continues to live up to their band name, weaving together the fibers of roots music into songs that are passionate and resonate with audiences across America. The Brooklyn born sextet are known for calling out the overproduced pop music of the day and revolutionizing roots music styles, transforming them into a fresh sound. Blake Christiana, an impressive songwriter and lead vocalist, confesses universal tales of life on the road that will appeal to edgy music hopefuls as well as fans of more traditional country music. They draw up the best of America's past and charge it with the insurgence of Americana's present. Yarn excels at unraveling their own blend of peaceful alt-country, indie-rock with a raw sound that begs for repeat listens. "Growing up as a kid listening to Willie Nelson and Elvis Presley, I built my own musical taste," Christiana says.

The album pulls from the inspiration of the greats but is amplified by what each band member uniquely brings into the studio from the streets of New York. Hendryx's crafted Mandolin riffing takes control while Christiana, MacArthur and Hohl's harmonious thirds echo volume building melodies. Bugel's unwavering bass and Bonhomme's driving beats punctuate the band's emotion provoking authenticity.

In 2007, Yarn's self-titled debut album peaked at No. 14 on the AMA and R&R Radio Charts, and ranked No. 79 on the AMA's Top 100 Albums of that year. In 2008, the band's second record, Empty Pockets, spent months in the top 5 on the AMA chart and garnered them eight, first round 2009 Grammy nominations. Yarn's 2008 released album, Come On In, reached #25 on the top 100 Americana chart of 2010.

Christiana beams, "I like to think America is in the midst of a musical revolution, revolting against the candycoated, over-produced [stuff] being spoon-fed into our earholes. Revolt, America, and we'll see you at our shows." Yarn is definitely a band that earns musical converts with their live performances. Check out their upcoming tour dates in support of their latest album along with CD release parties happening across the country.

Track List:
1. Dirt Road listen
2. The Loner listen
3. Turn The Light Off listen
4. Tired of Everything listen
5. Annie listen
6. It's All Over Now listen
7. Almost Home listen
8. Liquor Love listen
9. Desperate Amy listen
10. Soft Rock Radio listen
11. Heart Worth Breaking listen
12. When the Summer Ends listen
13. I've Seen the Difference listen
14. Fussin' and Fightin' listen

Release date 03.20.2012

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