Jam Cam Chronicles - The Great Unknown Festival DVD


Featuring an intense performance from Jerry Joseph and Dave Schools' Stockholm Syndrome, a mind-blowing display of instrumental wizardry courtesy Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey and an in-depth look at Boston's Addison Groove Project, the final edition of this unique DVD series' debut season continues to satisfy. Held in Eureka Springs, Arkansas in the fall of 2004, The Great Unknown Festival was a sonic and visual treat, boasting gorgeous scenery, late night "freak" parades and amazing music, and the JamCam crew was there to capture it all. "Great Unknown" up-and-coming bands Shanti Groove, The Station, Speakeasy, Mountain of Venus & the Jammy Award nominated Bockman also get full-length song performance nods on yet another stellar offering from the one-of-a-kind JamCam Chronicles!

Released Dec. 2005