Nickel Creek - Reasons Why: The Very Best (1 CD/1 DVD)

This collection comes on the heels of Nickel Creek announcing an indefinite hiatus. Fans and newcomers will want to indulge in this gathering of highly acclaimed songs, which includes two live tracks from 2000 and a DVD full of videos!

1. The Lighthouse's Tale mp3
2. Out Of The Woods mp3
3. When In Rome mp3
4. Helena mp3
5. Smoothie Song mp3
6. Somebody More Like You mp3
7. Reasons Why mp3
8. Can't Complain mp3
9. I Should've Known Better mp3
10. This Side
11. Jealous Of The Moon
12. When You Come Back Down
13. You Don't Have To Move That Mountain (live)
14. The Fox (live)

Reasons Why
When You Come Back Down
Lighthouse's Tale
Smoothie Song
When In Rome

Released 11/14/06