Put the Needle on the Record DVD

Award-winning documentary exploring electronic rock through interviews with artists, footage from events around the world with a brilliant soundtrack. Having played at over 20 film festivals worldwide, the film has won at Visionfest in New York and Wine Country Fest in Napa, CA.

Put the Needle on the Record is an award-winning documentary that explores the evolution of electronic music and the rise of the DJ in pop culture. Filmed in Miami during the hot and sexy Winter Music Conference, a yearly week-long event attended by over 20,000 electronic music professionals and fans, the film takes an inside look at a growing global phenomenon. Interviews with top artists, footage from events around the globe and a brilliant soundtrack are combined to create a highly energetic piece of filmmaking. Director Jason Rem brings an unexplored genre of music to the masses for a glimpse at a movement that is driven by passion, creativity and business.

Features interviews with The Crystal Method, Josh Wink, BT, Dirty Vegas, Paul Oakenfold, and tons more.

83 minutes plus bonus features

Released 2006