Scrapomatic - Scrapomatic CD & DVD

Mike Mattison & Paul Olsen are Scrapomatic! With a fresh take on both urban and country blues, Scrapomatic arrives with a convincing array of raw, outspoken and emotional tracks.

Guest musicicans: Sonny Landreth, Marc Broussard, Lawrence Seiberth, John Vidacovich, Bob Sunda, Charlene Howard, Al Berard, Danny Collet

1. Moanin' mp3
2. Let the Mermaids Flirt With Me mp3
3. I'll Be Around mp3
4. Man Gone, Need Drink mp3
5. Bubble Gum Song mp3
6. Lovefreak mp3
7. Found Myself mp3
8. Transition mp3
9. Apocalypse Blues
10. I Need New Blood
11. Talkin' Mile
12. Can You Help Me?

DVD Includes: 24 Bit/96 K Stereo Mix - Dolby Digital Surround Sound Mix - 2 Hour video of recording session - Artist interview - Printable lead sheets of the music - Artist commentary throught the music

Released 2003