Skatalites - Live at Lokerse Feesten

Two excellent performances filmed at the Lokerse Festival in Belgium in1997 and 2002.


The World's most influential reggae group, The Skatalites have been producingmusic of the finest caliber for over forty years, either as a group orindividually as players on countless reggae classics. The two performancesmaking up this DVD, filmed at the Lokersee Festival in Belgium in 1997 and 2002,are clear evidence of their brilliance. Formed in Jamaica in 1964 by several ofthe island's finest session musicians, The Skatalites' unique fusion ofboogie-woogie, R&B, Jazz, mento, calypso and African rhythms introduced theWorld to ska, which in turn evolved into today's modern reggae sound. Theoriginal group broke up in 1965 after a short eighteen months of existence,leaving its members to pursue solo careers for a number of years. Theirrecording of 'Guns Of Navarone' even made the U.K. singles charts in 1967,becoming one of the first-ever ska hits. The group reformed for the first timein 1975 and several times again in the years since, playing concerts throughoutthe World and recording a series of critically-acclaimed albums - they wereGrammy Award-nominated in both 1996 and 1997 for best reggae album. Notsurprising for a group of its size and longevity, The Skatalites has seen anumber of personnel changes over the years, yet has always maintained its superblevel of musicianship and has prided itself in carrying on the innovative spiritof the original group.

Track Listing/Features:
  • 2002: Freedom Sound; Eastern Standard Time; James Bond Theme; Guns Of Navarone; Can't You See; Simmer Down/Turn Your Lamp Down Low; Swing Easy; El Pussycat; The Vow; Phoenix City; Freedom Sound - Reprise.
  • 1997: Freedom Sound; Man In The Street; Guns Of Navarone; El Pussycat; James Bond Theme; Sugar, Sugar; Nice Time; Medley: Simmer Down/Turn Your Lamp Down Low; Rockfort Rock El Cumbanchero); Latin Goes Ska; Phoenix City; Freedom Sound - Reprise.
Bonus Materials:
  • History: A year-by-year run-down of the group's achievements since it was first formed.
  • Discography
  • On Tour With The Skatalites: In this documentary film we see the group rehearsing, warming up and playing on stage. We meet several of the members of the band, both old and new, who talk about themselves, how they joined the band, their music and The Skat
  • Slideshow
Sales Points:
  • Grammy Award-nominated in both 1996 and 1997 for best reggae album

Other Info:
Genre: Reggae
Run Time: 179 mins
Region Code: 0
# of Discs: 1