The Disco Biscuits - Live At The Palladium DVD

The first Bisco DVD is a two-disc set that will have your living room turned into an energetic trance-fusion throwdown! Recorded at The Palladium in Worcester, MA on May 8, 2004, this complete show captures the Biscuits at their brain-bending best. Bonus disc includes the 30-minute "And The Monkeys Are Coming With Us", which brings you the chaotic spectacle and triumphant liftoff of New Year's Eve 2002 in Philly. Also includes backstage footage and fan interviews that will have you rolling on the floor laughing!

Set 1: Story Of The World, Triumph > Munchkin Invasion > Hot Air Balloon, Oname' Wa

Set 2: House Dog Party Favor, Caterpillar, World Is Spinning, Above The Waves > Run Like Hell > Above The Waves

E: Morph Dusseldorf, Svengali