Circles Around the Sun & Mikaela Davis - After Sunrise LP (blue)


After Sunrise, the new collaboration from Circles Around The Sun and Mikaela Davis reunites the disco cosmonauts and acclaimed harpist for further explorations of the synergy first showcased on the title track of CATS' 2023 album, Language.

Comprised of two new original compositions, 'Gloaming Way' and 'Moonbow', and an inspired interpretation of Brazilian legend Sergio Mendes' 'After Sunrise,' the album features the first appearance of vocals on a Circles Around The Sun recording, sung by Davis. A live take on 'Language' rounds out the second side and brings the pairing full circle.

Once the endless night of the discotheque finally gives way to morning light, you may find yourself seaside as the sun peeks over the horizon. As the party rolls through the dawn and into the day, this is the soundtrack.

This is After Sunrise. If it's nice, play it twice.

Release date 06.28.2024