The Orange Constant - Time to Go CD

Time To Go should be required listening for anyone with a serious interest in psychedelic rock.

The Orange Constant is a band based out of Athens, Georgia. Members include Andrew Brantly (vocals, guitar, keys), Nickalous Benson (vocals, guitar), Lee Guentert (drums) and Will Goggans (bass).  Produced by Grammy nominated John Keane (R.E.M., Widespread Panic), the album benefits from a tight, well-rounded crisp sound. The instrumentation and vocals are solid, with songs that linger in the mind long after its conclusion. 

The Orange Constant's style kind of vibes like the jam bands from the 90's, bands like Strangefolk, Jiggle the Handle, Day by The River and Ekoostik Hookah. But for a record that bares the souls of its architects, Time To Go doesn't unfold like some tribute album. It's a record that works beautifully in the moment, sincere, melodic and emotionally engaging. The songwriting is superb, and the music flows seamlessly from track to track. It's pretty solid from start to finish but by far the best parts are "Good Intentions," "So Young, So Old," "Mask," "Squid," "Breeze," and "Ask Me To Jump." Time To Go is a record that confirms The Orange Constant as accomplished musicians, and a major up and coming talent whose next move will always be just as intriguing. 

- Chris Robie