Slightly Stoopid Red Rocks (Electric Set)

Fantastic night at Red Rocks with Slightly Stoopid, Pepper, Common Kings, and Don Carlos

Last night at Red Rocks was pure joy. It's only night one of the two night gig, and it definitely did not disappoint. Don Carlos was such a treat to see, a legend if you will. Seeing Don Carlos was on my bucket list and there is no better place to see him than Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado. Common Kings is so much fun to watch, such great stage presence, and the enthusiasm that they have really resinates with the crowd. Pepper, now if you have never seen them play, you need to stop everything you're doing, just put everything down. Now look them up, trust me, you will be dancin at full motion and in a state of bliss. Before I talk about Slightly Stoopid, you need to understand one thing, these guys have been trying to get this show to happen for close to two years so when they hit the stage, you can feel the electricity in the air, so much anticipation. Slightly Stoopid knows every trick in the book on how to keep people feeling Irie. The production staff all the way down to the special guests sharing the stage, they are all on the same vibe! This show in Colorado is like going to church. I can dig that. Enjoy the photos from night one of reggae at Red Rocks!