UMPHREY’S McGEE melts The National in Richmond, VA.

Umphrey's McGee returned to The National in Richmond, VA for another 2-night run. Richmond has some UMPH LOVE. Saturday night was the second of 2 nights at The National.

The threat of a Winter Snow storm moved the showtime forward an hour, the city was bracing itself for the onslaught on this night and the road crew finished prepping for what was about to happen.

Umphrey's road crew nailed it, stage is set, lights, sound.... Doors! The Umphrey's fans poured through the doors of The National, knowing that this last night would be fire.

The Trongone Band a local RVA band that grinds out the Rock and Soul tunes opened up both nights of the run and they were on fire after a recent extened tour of Europe. Hard charging sound, screaming guitars, with a deep southern rock sound. The Trongone Band kept thing hot inside the venue and the snow was beginning to fall outside.

Umphrey's took the stage with a blistering opener version of Miss Tinkle's Overture, this set the mood for the rest of the night. The show was hot and getting hotter. Now one was concerned about the snow outside. UM continued to rage through the first set showing Sociable Jimmy Sandwich with Gladys Knight and the Pips "Heard it through the Grapevine" inside.

Set break gave the fans a chance to step outside to cool down in the snow. It was coming down hard in RVA.

Umphrey's second set never disappoints and this one has purpose; Umphrey's needed to keep The National hot, there is a dangerous storm outside. Umphrey's kicked second set off with "Power of Soul" cover by Band of Gypsy's. They hammered through the night with one of the hottest sets in recent past showing "Ocean Billy', "Ringo", and "Bottom Half".

Umphrey's is on a continued hot streak, every city is getting melted to the ground with the UMPH HEAT! The onslaught happened at The National...... the fans showed, Umphrey's road crew primed the stage, lights, and sound. Umphrey's melted the city of Richmond and the City's road crews had nothing to do.

 -Neil Peek / Words and Photos