Umphrey's McGee - Live From The Lake Coast DVD

This deluxe DVD is simply crammed full of content! More than a dozen songs from old to new, slow to fast, and exploratory to focused comprise this finely produced program. With a wide variety of angles plus entertaining split-screen madness, this is eye-popping. And with 4 different sound mixes, your ears will thank you. Over two muggy nights at Skyline Stage in Chicago, IL, Umphrey's performed two of the most talked about shows in the band's history. The best moments from those nights are captured here, and from top to bottom they are truly stunning.

Includes extensive band bios and bonus features that will leave you rolling with laughter!


All In Time I
Utopian Fir
Pay The Snucka Pt. 3
The Fuzz
Jimmy Stewart
Andy's Last Beer
Divisions (setbreak)
Hurt Bird Bath
Jimmy Stewart
Joel Solo
The Triple Wide
40's Theme
All In Time II
Mullet Over (credits)