Zach Deputy - Pour House - Raleigh, NC 02.12.08

Zach Deputy
An exceptionally tasty guitar player with a tremendous vocal range, natural stage presence and contagious playfulness and humor, Zach Deputy employs live looping as a means of filling out his sound.

With rain outside and a busted transmission in Asheville, NC, Zach Deputy kept on truckin and made it to "The Pour House Music Hall" in Raleigh, NC.  Adoring fans awaited his arrival with smiles, conversations of past shows, and hopeful enthusiasm. The show started off with a soulful ballad about "Belonging" then moved into a 20-minute, funk-blues-calypso jam loaded with all the fixins that make people tap their toes until they can no longer stand back from the stage trying to look cool. That's when the party begins. Zach sits behind what looks to be a homemade drum rack, but instead of drums he has mixers, three microphones, a loop station computer, and his synth acoustic guitar. His friend and musical colleague, Paul Malls, plays congas and various other hand percussive instruments. I think one looked like a can with a string attached to it. With a mix of beat box, blues, funk, jazz, reggae, and calypso, this talented native of South Carolina knows how to bring the music to the audience. With his down to earth spirit and a positive message projected through the music you can't help but to have a good time. I think we'll be seeing a lot of Zach Deputy in the near future.  

- AJ Edwards