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Posted by: mamasherry | July 6th, 2015
The West Virginia state motto is a fitting description for Mountain Music Festival WV- wild, wonderful. Held at Ace Adventure Resort in Minden, WV. on 1,500 acres.
Wanee 2015 Photos & Review
Posted by: admin | May 5th, 2015
Another mid April means another Wanee festival at the Spirit of Suwanee Music Park.
Posted by: mamasherry | April 8th, 2015
Big Something Rocks Virginia Beach
Posted by: admin | December 22nd, 2014
After my introduction to several fantastic Florida bands at Bear Creek Music Festival, I realized I didn’t know as much about the Florida scene as I thought. So when the time came to attend the Downtown River...
Bear Creek Brings The Funk On Down
Posted by: admin | December 1st, 2014
For a musical gathering that is known for being funky, the 8th Annual Bear Creek Music & Art Festival, Nov. 13-16 2014, really outdid itself this year.
Magnolia Festival 2014 - Photos by Robbi Cohn
Posted by: admin | December 1st, 2014
Always a favorite, this year’s Magnolia Festival was no exception.
Phases of the Moon 2014 Festival Photos by Robbi Cohn
Posted by: admin | November 10th, 2014
Pics of Grace Potter, Leftover Salmon, Widespread Panic and many more.
Lockn' 2014 Festival Photos by Robbi Cohn
Posted by: admin | November 10th, 2014
Pics of Phil and Friends, Umphrey’s McGee, SCI, Willie Nelson and many more. So enjoy and stay tuned for what should be an amazing lineup next year!
Posted by: Robie | November 2nd, 2014
The tagline for my review of last year's Mustang Music Festival was "The Little Festival That Could". Well, this festival isn't little any more.
Floydfest 2014
Posted by: admin | October 1st, 2014
After an exhausting year of being slammed unforgivingly by critics and gently nudged by lovers and long time fans for the rough ride of the 2013 festival, Floydfest bravely carried the torch into another...