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Fishbone – Grey Eagle February 20th, 2013
Posted by: trevor | March 4th, 2013
From the very first note fishbone delivered with a heart pounding enthusiastic Ska infused soulful sound.
Jomeokee Music & Arts Festival 2012
Posted by: admin | October 3rd, 2012
The first annual Jomeokee festival was held at one of the most beautiful venues I've been to in North Carolina.
Floydfest 2012
Posted by: leeway | September 5th, 2012
The festival featured eight stages of eclectic musical performances and worldly arts and crafts, all set in the gorgeous, lush mountains of southern Virginia.
Music on the Mountaintop 2012
Posted by: admin | August 29th, 2012
This year marked the 5th anniversary of the Music On The Mountaintop festival with two nights of Railroad Earth making it their own.
Gnarnia Festival 2012
Posted by: Robie | August 28th, 2012
Thousands of festival goers flocked to the first annual Gnarnia festival held at the Beech Mountain ski resort near Boone, North Carolina.
The BIG What? Music Festival
Posted by: leeway | August 16th, 2012
Featuring three days of musical camaraderie, wild costumes, and a spirit of lunatic fellowship, the BIG What? sells out Possum Holler.
Posted by: Robie | July 6th, 2012
Big Something makes a weeknight at the Local 506 a night to remember.
Posted by: admin | May 14th, 2012
Live oaks, live music and thousands of grinning people alive with the beauty of the rhythms and the outdoors!
Posted by: admin | April 14th, 2012
As a result of kicking off its 16th anniversary, this year's Suwannee SpringFest ultimately proved to be a sure reminder that the presence of music, art, and nature when shared over a 4 day weekend with...
Posted by: leeway | February 6th, 2012
Multi-media review of FloydFest!