Show Reviews

Posted by: leeway | February 6th, 2012
Multi-media review of FloydFest!
Posted by: admin | December 27th, 2011
Backporch jamming fun in the Playhouse with room to groove!
Posted by: leeway | December 7th, 2011
This year’s Bear Creek was hands down the best one yet! Bear Creek was well-organized and very efficient throughout the weekend also bringing the feeling of togetherness as well as superb music to the Spirit...
Posted by: admin | November 21st, 2011
John Brown’s Body came back to Virginia Beach, a regular stop on their circuit, and visited the new and “improved” Jewish Mother. I pulled out the quotation marks there because I’ll always love the old Jewish...
Posted by: Robie | October 11th, 2011
An up and coming band out of Chapel Hill, NC that everyone should know about.
Posted by: admin | October 11th, 2011
The 2nd annual Blackwater Music Festival was again at the beautiful 'Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park'. The name "Blackwater" is said to have come from the deep dark color of the Suwannee...
Posted by: leeway | October 4th, 2011
This year’s MOTM took place at the gorgeous Grandfather Mountain Campground near Boon, NC.
Posted by: admin | September 13th, 2011
Check out photos from this year's Camp Barefoot 5: which featured an exhaustive & comprehensive collection of artists, plucked from varying genres and styles. Fans of funk, electronic, bluegrass, and...
Posted by: admin | September 6th, 2011
For 10 years Floydfest has given people an immersed diversity of culture, art and music that has broadened the minds and souls of all who have attended.
Posted by: leeway | August 30th, 2011
Big Daddy Love kicks out a nice mix of bluegrass, rock and exuberant swagger for a free Friday night show in Greensboro.