Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals - Lifeline CD

At the end of a nine month European tour, Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals landed in a Paris recording studio and completed their new album, Lifeline, in just seven days. The result: a soulful masterpiece with beautifully direct lyrics, undeniable grooves and an effortless energy that recalls the best works of Otis Redding, Bill Withers and Beggars Banquet-era Rolling Stones.'s that good.

It's no surprise that most bands today don't record albums live, straight to tape, in one room, no Pro Tools, no auto-tune. There are only a handful of modern artists that can pull it off. Since Ben & The Innocent Criminals were so musically connected after such a long tour, they entered the studio immediately. And on a sixteen track tape machine and one full week in the City of Lights, they successfully recorded and mixed an album that will sit alongside all of your old favorites...just like a classic record should.

1. Fight Outta You mp3
2. In the Colors mp3
3. Fool For a Lonesome Train mp3
4. Needed You Tonight mp3
5. Having Wings mp3
6. Say You Will mp3
7. Younger Than Today mp3
8. Put It On Me mp3
9. Heart Of Matters
10. Paris Sunrise #7
11. Lifeline

Released August 28, 2007