Big Daddy Love - Let It Grow CD

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Essentially organic in both disposition and composition, Big Daddy Love is a five-piece band with a unique and natural blend of rock, roots and grass that they call 'Appalachian Rock.' Above the mix, the lead vocals and acoustic guitar accompaniment of their principal songwriter, Daniel Justin Smith, command the listener's attention and call for the harmonies that arise in response. Twin leads of Stratocaster riffs and soaring Allman-esque slide guitar on the one hand, and electric and acoustic 5-string Scruggs / Fleck style banjo on the other-- like a typical Southern rock line-up, just replacing the second guitar with the banjo-- punctuate and emphasize what Smith delivers. These contrasting voices are anchored by a rhythm section that is equally at home in a groove or driving the bus with country, swing, funk or straight ahead rock. Live, with the lights on and the volume up, Big Daddy Love stretches the music out with top notch picking and ripping, delivering a stompin' good time rich with authentic Carolina soul. On Let It Grow, Big Daddy Love's signature Appalachian Rock sound is further refined in a collection of songs that seamlessly pick up where their critically acclaimed debut To The Mountain left off. With their "on the sleeve," sincere sentiments and first rate musicianship, Big Daddy Love may well be the antidote to the ongoing erosion of the roots sound, despite being-- in many ways-- a blue collar rock band with Appalachian flavor.

Track List
1. Let it Grow listen
2. Down From the Mountain listen
3. Sweet Water listen
4. Love Light listen
5. Air Bellows Gap listen
6. Southern Hospitality listen
7. Thicker Than Water listen
8. Home Tree listen
9. Circle Around the Sun listen
10. Mid-Summer's Dream listen
11. Dream Walker listen
12. Only A Moment listen
13. Mid-Summer's Dream (reprise) listen

Released 09/2011