Big Daddy Love - To the Mountain CD

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To The Mountain is an album in the truest sense--a carefully crafted journey of songs--that has received emphatic and heartfelt reviews from reviewers throughout the region and far beyond. "...The thing is, this all works together well, and it flows as album -- remember those, where all the songs work together to the betterment of the total experience -- not just some isolated downloaded track on your playlist. This is a great disc...Give Big Daddy Love the chance and I'll bet they'll win you over." (Gary Hill, Music Street Journal). From across the pond, a reviewer in Belgium wrote "...[if you are] a fan of The Allman Brothers Band or Drive-By Truckers, but you are open to bluegrass elements, then this CD really is a must." Back home in the mountains, another writer said "From start to finish, To The Mountain is a captivating album that alludes to a dynamic live show. If the musicians dabble in a variety of styles it's only because, well, they can. And certain elements -- a tightly-coiled energy always threatening to explode within each song, a choice group of collaborators, flawless musicianship and Smith's compelling vocals -- provide a palpable thread throughout." (Alli Marshall, Mountain Xpress). Picked up as a favorite spin by Americana and AAA radio stations throughout the region, including taste-maker WNCW in Spindale, NC, To The Mountain is a snapshot of a young band realizing the power of their vision, stretching the boundaries of their influences while celebrating their Appalachian roots.

Track Listing:
1. Hometown Radio (WCOK) listen
2. Peace Of Mind listen
3. Good Morning Sunshine listen
4. Spirit Is a Window listen
5. Heed the Call listen
6. River Runs listen
7. Unsung listen
8. Mortality listen
9. American Sycamore listen
10. A Letter to Love (Story Song) listen
11. Mountain listen
12. Space and Time listen
13. Forever Rain listen

Released in 2010.