Cadillac Jones - Rhythm Method CD


Rhythm Method, the fourth album from Cadillac Jones, finds the band tracing a steady pulse through funk’s past and future. The record starts on the band’s own front stoop with “Reynoldstown," an homage to one of Atlanta’s oldest urban neighborhoods. Closing the door behind them, Cadillac spends the first half of the album exploring grooves of the early '60s. Blazing organs and punctuated horn lines run roughshod over tight drumbeats and the comforting tone of a Fender p-bass. At the album’s midway point, the band shifts gears into darker territory. The combination of club beats and organic keyboards of the title track “Rhythm Method” literally melt into the otherworldly funk odyssey of Volcano Sunday, which in turn catapults the listener into afro beat grooves and Moog-heavy jams. By the end of the record Cadillac Jones returns home; the same band but with a decidedly different outlook, encapsulated by the electronic comfort food of the closing track “Wonderbread." Ultimately ”Rhythm Method” unleashes the band from its conceptual moorings of albums past and puts it back where it's most comfortable-all over the funk/jazz map.

Track List:
1 Reynoldstown listen
2 The Gooch listen
3 Brass Bullet listen
4 Testify listen
5 The Kick listen
6 Late Night with Merle Epstein listen
7 Rhythm Method listen
8 Volcano Sunday listen
9 Suya listen
10 Moneyshot listen
11 Vindaloo listen
12 Songbird listen
13 Wonderbread listen

Released August 12, 2009