Charlie Hunter/Bobby Previte w/ Greg Osby - Latitude CD


Known as Groundtruther, this project came together in 2002 when Previte and Hunter hit on the idea of a duo with a rotating third person. This edition features saxophonist Greg Osby. Look for Part 2 and 3 (Longitude and Altitude) soon! This is 100% improvised insanity with Hunters shimmering guitar work burbling under Previte's chaotic drums while Osby goes berserk!

1- North Pole mp3
2- Arctic Circle mp3
3- 40th Parallel mp3
4- Horse Latitudes North mp3
5- Tropic Of Cancer mp3
6- Equator mp3
7- Tropic Of Capricorn mp3
8- Horse Latitudes South mp3
9- Tropic Of Calms mp3
10- Antarctic Circle mp3
11- South Pole mp3