Col. Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains - The Big Eyeball In The Sky CD


Primus. Parliament. Praxis. Three unique, trailblazing bands, each with its own style and sound. Combine the best elements of these three groups, and you get The Big Eyeball in The Sky! The loose recording sessions at Claypool's Rancho Relaxo Studio gleaned everything from jam-pop to psychotic fusion to relaxed, one-off jams and improvisation. Recorded during the terse first weeks of the US conflict in Iraq, this is a decidedly urgent and chaotic album.

Les Claypool, Bernie Worrell, Buckethead, and Brain!

1- Buckethead mp3
2- Thai Noodles mp3
3- Tyranny Of The Hunt mp3
4- Elephant Ghost mp3
5- Hip Shot From The Slab mp3
6- Junior mp3
7- Scott Taylor mp3
8- The Big Eyeball In The Sky mp3
9- Jackalope mp3
10- 48 Hours To Go mp3
11- Ignorance Is Bliss mp3