Dangermuffin - Live at StageOne CD


Over the years, Dangermuffin has played hundreds of venues and made thousands of friends on the road. Some venues and communities are particularly memorable, either because of the weird sh*t that's happened there or because of a unique connection the band has established with the space and the fans in that area. FTC StageOne stands out as one of the band's favorite's to play because of the venue's superb management, its spacious but intimate setting, and the loving, passionate, badass fanbase in the Fairfield, CT area that brings an amazing energy to every show, inspiring the band to share every ounce of musical energy they have each time they play there. Of course, the band could think of no better place to record its first, epic live album. 

Recorded April 6, 2018.

  1. Lady of Fire listen
  2. Waves listen
  3. Big Suit listen
  4. Fuego listen
  5. Ol' Fidel listen
  6. 200 Degrees listen
  7. Moonscapes listen
  8. No Redemption listen
  9. Cradle of the Beach listen
  10. Ancient Golden Star listen
  11. Homestead listen
  12. Walk into the Wind listen
  13. Slumber listen
  14. Kindred Sun listen