Del McCoury - By Request CD


2009 single disc collection from the Bluegrass legend. For 50 years, Del's music defined authenticity for hard core Bluegrass fans as well as a growing number of fans among those only vaguely familiar with the genre. And while By Request, provides an opportunity to look back on a unique legacy, it's also one that Del McCoury's rolling past with a wave and a grin and some of the best music he's ever made. By Request is a collection oh what Del and his sons feel are the 14 most requested songs during Del's live shows (as most of you know, Del never had a set list, but plays audience requests).

Track List:
1. I Feel the Blues Movin' In
2. Bluest Man In Town
3. High On the Mountain
4. Nashville Cats
5. Good Man Like Me
6. White House Blues
7. Dreams
8. Cold Hard Facts
9. Black Jack County Chains
10. Loggin' Man
11. Queen Anne's Lace
12. 1952 Vincent Black Lightning
13. Rain & Snow
14. All Aboard