Easy Star All-Stars - Dub Side Of The Moon CD

Dark Side Of The Moon's cover image of a beam of white light passing through a prism and emerging as a full spectrum stands as a metaphor for life's complexity - though it may represent the mind of the listener after exposure to Pink Floyd's masterpiece as well. Dub Side Of The Moon's aim is to split that beam into reggae's red, gold, and green without sacrificing the nuances that made the original so powerful. The best of Easy Star Records contribute to this mesmerizing album, which is even "Wizard Of Oz" compatible! Rocker vibrations, one-drop style, drum and bass...this album will revitalize your love for the original album while maintaining a place in your CD player!

1- Speak To Me/Breathe (feat. Sluggy Ranks)
2- On The Run
3- Time (feat. Corey Harris & Ranking Joe)
4- The Great Gig In The Sky (feat. Kirsty Rock)
5- Money (feat. Gary Pine & Dollarman)
6- Us And Them (feat. Frankie Paul)
7- Any Colour You Like
8- Brain Damage (feat. Dr. Israel)
9- Eclispe (feat. The Meditations)
Bonus Tracks:
10- Time Version
11- Great Dub In The Sky
12- Step It Pon The Rastaman Scene
13- Any Dub You Like