Easy Star All-Stars - Radiodread CD

Radiodread is the long awaited follow-up to The Easy Star All-Stars' beloved Dub Side of the Moon. This time out, Radiohead's OK Computer is the subject of their reggae treatment. Reggae's positive vibe and righteous sound mix with Radiohead's desperate rock masterpiece in a surprising fashion, with guitar lines replicated by blazing horns, familiar melodies touched up with a spacey dub heft, and an ensemble of performers tackling the album's weighty songs.

1. Airbag (featuring Horace Andy) mp3
2. Paranoid Android (featuring Kirsty Rock) mp3
3. Subterranean Homesick Alien (featuring Junior Jazz) mp3
4. Exit Music (For A Film) (featuring Sugar Minott) mp3
5. Let Down (featuring Toots & The Maytals) mp3
6. Karma Police (featuring Citizen Cope) mp3
7. Fitter Happier (featuring Menny More) mp3
8. Electioneering (featuring Morgan Heritage) mp3
9. Climbing Up The Walls (featuring Tamar-kali) mp3
10. No Surprises (featuring The Meditations) mp3
11. Lucky (featuring Frankie Paul) mp3
12. The Tourist (featuring Israel Vibration - Skelly Vibe) mp3
13. Bonus: Exit Music (For A Dub) mp3
14. Bonus: An Airbag Saved My Dub mp3

Released August 22, 2006