G. Love and Special Sauce - Philadelphonic CD

There's plenty of Special Sauce on this 1999 album from G. Love! Snazzy urban flair makes this album a bit different from his usual blues/funk sound. There's still plenty of his unique vocalizations and tunes. He's never been afraid to spit rhymes, and this disc is sort of a coming out party! The cover of Jack Johnson's "Rodeo Clowns" is quite interesting!

1- No Turning Back
2- Dreamin'
3- Roaches
4- Rodeo Clowns
5- Numbers
6- Relax
7- Do It For Free
8- Honor And Harmony
9- Kick Drum
10- Friday Night
11- Rock & Roll
12- Love
13- Around The World
14- Gimme Some Lovin'