Various Artists - Thicker Than Water CD

A far cry from the ballistic surf-rock and punk usually associated with the sport, this collection brings listeners the sweeter, simpler side of life among the waves. Along with Johnson's numerous contributions, such as the acoustic version of "Holes to Heaven," there's plenty more to enjoy here, from the haunting "Dark Water & Stars" by Natural Calamity to the vintage funk of The Meters' "Liver Splash" and G. Love & Special Sauce's driving instrumental "Hobo Blues."

1. Moonshine - Jack Johnson mp3
2. Rainbow - G. Love & Jack Johnson mp3
3. Even After All - Finley Quaye mp3
4. Hobo Blues - G. Love & Special Sauce mp3
5. Relate to Me - The Voyces mp3
6. The Cove - Jack Johnson mp3
7. Holes to Heaven - Jack Johnson mp3
8. Dark Water & Stars - Natural Calamity mp3
9. My Guru - Kalyanji, Anandji
10. Honor and Harmony - G. Love & Special Sauce
11. Liver Splash - The Meters
12. Underwater Love - Smoke City
13. Thicker Than Water - Todd Hannigan
14. Witchi-Tai-To - Harper's Bizarre

Released Nov. 25. 2003