Grateful Dead - Dick's Picks Vol 19 - Oklahoma City, OK 10/19/73 (3 CD's)


The first full 1973 concert to be released, and the first concert of their uniformly excellent Fall '73 Midwest tour, Dick's Picks Vol. 19 captures the Dead a matter of days after the release of Wake of the Flood, the first release on their own Grateful Dead Records label, and over half the tracks from the album appear here, highlighted by stellar (no pun intended) renditions of "Stella Blue" and "Eyes of the World." Both of those songs appear as the first encore on Disc Three, which may well be one of the finest single discs in the entire Dick's Picks canon; the disc leads off with a 15-minute "Dark Star" which segues effortlessly to "Mind Left Body Jam" leading into a truly transcendent reading of "Morning Dew." Add "Sugar Magnolia" and a show-ending "Johnny B. Goode" to the set and you know everybody went home happy.

A superb sound mix on this one, too, and as always it's presented in HDCD sound. Out of print for years!