Invisible Bird - Flutter to Fuzz CD


Flutter to Fuzz is the debut album from Invisible Bird, a trio collectively led by three engaging and unique artists from the Bay Area and Colorado; Shane Endsley (trumpet/effects), Dave Devine (guitar/effects) and Scott Amendola (drums/effects). Known for their respective work with the Nels Cline Singers and Mike Patton (Amendola), Brian Blade Fellowship and the Czars (Devine), and Kneebody and Ani DiFranco (Endsley), each member of the trio serves as a distinct compositional voice, crafting original music that traverses an array of textures from rootsy backbeat grooves and pop melodies to swirling soundscapes and meditative song structures. The group broadly employs the use of electronics via their hefty collection of boutique stomp boxes, branching out from a traditional jazz trio sound.

The opening track "Colorado Reel" is a bluegrass tune for the 21st century; trumpet and guitar stand in for fiddle whilst Endsley and Devine take turns interweaving a bass groove over Amendola's driving beats. Contrast that to the dirge like chord progressions of "Everytime I Look Down I See You Up There," featuring the ethereal vocals of Azure Ray's Orenda Fink. The jazz pedigree of Invisible Bird shines on "The Swagger Of The Tail Wagger," an acoustic piece recorded live in one room with no headphones, effects, or overdubs. The freely improvised jam "A Little Dizzy" spins out into experimental territory with the addition of folk artist Sam Amidon's singsong spoken word and wandering fiddle. Flutter to Fuzz also includes the band's reinventions of Nick Drake's "Cello Song" and Joni Mitchell's "Amelia."


1. Colorado Reel

2. Keep Digging

3. Bucketful of Miracles

4. Low Voice

5. Cello Song (Nick Drake)

6. Everytime I Look Down I See You Up There - feat. Orenda Fink

7. Swagger Of The Tail Wagger

8. Amelia (Joni Mitchell)

9. A Little Dizzy - feat. Sam Amidon

10. Momentum & Backlash

11. Squirm, Sir Worm