Jason Crosby - Four Chords and Seven Notes Ago

Jason Crosby is not your ordinary multi-instrumentalist. In addition to having perfect pitch and playing keys, strings, brass, and guitar, Jason has the uncanny ability to fuse various styles into his own sound. He's played on hit Blues, Jazz, and Pop records and has played 200 shows a year worldwide since his teens. All this hard work has led to the release of Four Chords and Seven Notes Ago, a gathering of friends and bandmates that culminates in a sound that can only be heard (or seen) here.

This album is packaged with a DVD that contains two different mixes of the album, hours of recording session video, interviews, sheet music, violin lessons, and more.

Players include Derek Trucks, Oteil Burbridge, Kebbi Williams, Shannon McNally, Susan Tedeschi, Jeff Sipe, Marc Quinones, and tons more!

Rockhead Scientist
Wild Tobacco Moonshine
Carl Find It
Shout Chorus
Out of the Box
Charlie Parker Posey
Fate of Animals
Love's in Need of Love Today
Youthful Offender
Spirit Set Free
Georgies Conscience
Two Spots
Cajun Rose