The Grease Factor - Off The Cuff CD

The members of Grease Factor came together in early 2004 with the intention of creating a vehicle for musical expression free of preconceived ideas, tunes, or set form, choosing instead to communicate based on the strengths of each individual musician. The selections on this album are completely improvised musical journeys in which the instruments do the talking. From searing Latin grooves, Electric-Miles-like percussive psychedelia, New Orleans street funk, ballsy rock and roll, and beyond, this is raw, live, "off the cuff" music!

Johnny Neel - keys and vocals
Shane Theriot - guitars
Jeff "Apt. Q-258" Sipe - drums
Derek Jones - bass
Count M'Butu - percussion

1- Enchanment mp3
2- Fat Tastes Good mp3
3- Feel Right At Home mp3
4- Sliced Milk mp3
5- The Gift mp3
6- Let The Bush Burn Down mp3
7- Kicked In the Soul mp3
8- Little In Between mp3
9- Somethin' Happened mp3
10- Flax For The Nation mp3
11- Fatback Jubilee mp3
12- Embracing The Invincible mp3