Joel Cummins - Common Sense CD

With the exception of two tracks, the music on this album from Umphrey's McGee keyboardist Joel Cummins was composed during the recording sessions by the players on the pieces. This CD captures the feeling of the moment as it was recorded; most of the tracks are first takes or even practice takes that were recorded without the players knowing.

Features Jake Cinninger, Andy Farag, and Mike Mirro from Umphrey's McGee.

1- Where Did They All Go? mp3
2- Intellivince mp3
3- Leave It Alone mp3
4- Summer In Sheboygan mp3
5- Missing 2 Minus Infinity mp3
6- The Soviet mp3
7- Last Dance With The Paranormal mp3
8- Next Medium mp3
9- The Triple Wide mp3
10- Someone Found My Body mp3
11- In Violation of Yes mp3
12- Turn Off That Frisbee mp3