John Medeski & Billy Martin - Mago CD

John Medeski and Billy Martin started their historic musical partnership in 1989 when Martin invited Medeski to come to his Brooklyn loft studio and play duets. This session resulted in the formation of Medeski Martin and Wood in 1991, but the two never forgot that initial two-hour jam session and discussed making a duet record in the future.

Mago is their first duet album together, and Medeski often uses the Hammond B3 foot pedals as bass accompaniment to their unique, soulful groove inventions. The album contains several hooky funk tracks and a few intense exploratory improvisations that will blow anyone's socks off.

1. Introducing Mago
2. Crustaceatron
3. Mojet
4. Apology
5. Bamboo Pants
6. Thundercloud
7. Bonfa
8. Safak
9. Miss Teardrop
10. Sycretism
11. L'Aventura

Billy Martin: drum set
John Medeski: Hammond B3 organ

Released April 10, 2007